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* Only available on Android
The Best VPN for streaming services and games!
5x Faster Speed
Whether you're streaming HD videos or playing online games, enjoy a faster and smoother experience than ever before.
Global Servers
With global servers, users can enjoy fast, stable internet connections and great performance wherever they are.
Unlimited Traffic
Surf the web to your heart's content without worrying about traffic consumption.
One-Second Connection
Connect instantly without waiting or hassle, ensuring swift access and a seamless online experience without waiting or hassle for users.
Multiple Devices Support
Enjoy powerful multi-device functionality that allows users to synchronize multiple devices simultaneously.
Privacy Support
Advanced encryption technology ensures that your personal data is highly protected during transmission, preventing it from being stolen or tampered with.
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Weekly Plan
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IDR 49.000,00
per month
Any Questions?
Can't find what you are looking for?
Why is VPN speed so slow?
Network bottlenecks occur when the number of users increases.
How to connect to Fresh VPN?
Click the biggest button in the middle of the home page. If your device asks for permission, please click allow.
What is VPN? Why do I need VPN?
VPN is vitual private network. It is a secure tunnel between your device and the internet, allowing you to stay private, remain secure, and access any online content you want——no matter where you are.
Why does VPN automatically disconnect?
When you changing VPN Server or registering a new account, the VPN connection will be lost and the channel will be readjusted. At this point you need to click Connect again to continue using it. If the disconnection situation you encounter does not fall into the above, please click Contact Us to submit the problem. Official customer service will help you troubleshoot the problem.
Why does my subscription benefit disappear when I log in to my VPN account after successfully subscribing?
The subscription benefits will only be automatically transferred to the account when you register a new account on the device for the first time after a successful subscription. If the account you log in to is not registered for the first time, the transfer will not occur. If you wish to transfer your subscription benefits to this account, please click on 'Restore Subscription on the menu (make sure your Play Store is logged into the Google account you used when subscribing).
Why can't I unlock my banned game account?
We're sorry to tell you that a VPN connection can dramatically improve the quality of your internet connection and help you browse any website around the world, but it cannot unlock your banned game account, as this is not related to the internet, but to the game itself. Please report any issues with your Player ID in detail to the Customer Service Center through the game. Thank you for your time.